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About us

Pendulum Growth CIC

Pendulum Growth is a Community Interest Company based in Liverpool. Pendulum Growth is run by 3 local men on a mission to build healthier communities.

We aim to inspire growth in mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Our team have multiple years of experience supporting the local community, work place and charities. Through the study and implementation of the best scientifically proven data supported techniques, we have positively impacted the trajectory of the people's lives we have worked with. 

We have the belief that purpose, direction and meaning are the fundamental pillars to truly live a fulfilled life.

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Our team

Introducing the Pendulum Growth team.

Paul McDonald, Tom Molyneux and Mark Parfitt.

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Our offering

At Pendulum Growth we offer multiple courses and workshops tailored to suit your needs.

We cater to businesses, charities, schools, colleges and organisations who are looking for an impactful 1 day course or a programme delivered over multiple weeks. Our sessions our delivered in person and also virtually.

Our courses and programmes can be adapted to the needs of individuals. We have multiple years experience mentoring and coaching individuals on a 1-1 basis as well as group environments.

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Pendulum Swings

This is the podcast of Pendulum Growth CIC.

In each episode Paul, Tom and Mark discuss all things 



Together they will chat through techniques they've picked up through research and experience that can be used in everyday life to improve all aspects of your mental and physical health.


The team will invite guests on to inspire, educate and agitate growth.